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My name is Christian Recinos and I am a 25 year old living in the Bay Area. I am a student/graduate and have just finished taking prerequisites that I need in order to apply for nursing school.


I have made the decision to take an unknown amount of time off before pursuing nursing school so that I can take an overall comprehensive in-depth look at myself and my career/interests to determine where my life can go and what I can really do with it before committing myself to nursing school.

I am an audiophile, taste-maker, entertainment curator, and work as a private household manager. Currently, I do freelance marketing, content writing and offer consulting. Recently, I have had some of my work published on Halcyon’s website for their artist press releases as well as Magnetic Magazine.

I love analytics and in tandem with my foundation in psychology I like to discover trends and put them to use to develop a more lucrative market for businesses that caters to the consumers interests. I have experience working with promoters, clubs, and businesses.


My interests range from medicine, social media, marketing, health, nutrition, business, food, sales and much more recently being able to consult and provide great insight I have always wanted to be involved with some sort of vision / be a part of a team of like-minded individuals and more or less want to be a part of something that actually has sustenance & value to it.


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I am fueled by my passion for understanding the nuances of people and being able to cater to their needs. I consider myself a philanthrapist and I’m always eager to help people out. Having worked as a nanny and personal assistant to countless different families for the past decade has really allowed me to not only have tremendous patience and adaptability, but also a deeper understanding of people from all backgrounds.

For any questions you may have please contact me at contact@chrisitianrecinos.com.

Thank you!

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