House Music: Night Bae Edition

A lot of people talk down on the 4×4, boots n’ cats, “repetitive”, yet timeless genre that is house music. Ironically enough, prior to falling in love with house music I was super into trap, bass & future bass and would never consider going to a house show myself .




I had been listening to some house music here and there, but It wasn’t until June of 2016 when AC Slater came to San Francisco as a part of Summer Moon Phases Tour came to Luv + Propaganda that it became a part of who I am. What drew me to Night Bass so much was how the incorporated those deep bass lines into house music, which was something I personally hadn’t heard in house music yet (though I’m sure it was out there). Something about the Night Bass label just drew me in and their whole movement was something I just instantaneously clicked with. I ended up meeting AC Slater that night before he went on and he was one of the most down to earth and laid-back human beings ever. I remember thinking to myself, “wait this is really the artist? He’s super chill and treats nearly everyone like he’s known them for quite some time”.




AC Slater did not disappoint, he delivered one of the best sets and I completely was entranced by the kind of house music he and his homies were presenting. From that point forward, Night Bass was everything to me and I went through the entire team from Chris Lorenzo, to Taiki NuLight, to Sinden, to Petey Clicks and more. I was all about Night Bass and would attend every show in the area and I even drove down in August to attend their OWSLA x Night Bass collab bbq where I met Aaron, AC Slater, again and was on a party bus with him heading to the club to attend his infamous Night Bass Thursday’s he held every month at Sound in LA.




Since then I’ve seen him so many times I honestly forget, I have seen him throw down in LA a bunch, Hard Summer, CRSSD, his local shows here in SF to shows hours away from me in Sacramento and even on the legendary experience that is Holy Ship.

Every time I see him get on those decks, he kills it and I get so stoked that he still recognizes me. I love that he created Night Bass and is continuously pushing himself.

Night Bass is truly a vibe/lifestyle.

Check out AC Slater’s Hard Summer set, it’s honestly one of my favorites that I’ve seen AC Slater @ Hard Summer 2017

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