The Dark Hour of Sunrise

Ever since I started listening to electronic dance music, specifically house music, I have had these delusions of grandeur that I would become a DJ and play sets all around the world whether it be a festival or a club set. But I mean, who hasn’t had these kinds of hopes and dreams? I would absolutely love to mix a live set for a bunch of people who legitimately wanted to see what I’d play.


Over the past few weeks I’ve been honing in on my craft as DJ and I feel like I’m beginning to actually kind of sound good haha. I’ve realized though I don’t actually want to become a DJ and break out into the music industry. I want to curate experiences and create a vibe that all my friends and whomever else can enjoy.

Personally, I’ve always wanted to play a sunrise sermon set because of my love & respect for Gary Richards, aka Destructo. I respect and admire him so much because of what he does for this community. A lot of people aren’t comfortable with going against the grain let alone starting from the bottom to create something new. We saw him create Hard Summer and Holy Ship and now he’s onto his next project: Friendship. He’s the kind of person that people call a visionary. We could all learn a thing or two from him.

Beyond Gary though, there’s something so alluring about the sunrise itself. Perhaps it’s because it’s in my nature to be an insomniac and I’ve spent so many nights wide awake either listening to music or deep in my thoughts.

In some sense, I feel as though I was born to play at least a few sunrise sets.

Take a moment to enjoy a mini mix that I created. Hope you’re all doing well :).

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