Mixed Mondays w/ Aries presents: Eduardo Lozano [Guest Mix]

Woo hoo! Monday is nearly over, but just before it is.. Corey and I aka “Aries” would like to present to you a guest mix today for our Mixed Mondays series.

Today, we have a longtime friend of mine Eduardo Lozano. Eduardo was kind enough to offer to do a mix for us for this week and it’s straight fire! I’ve known Eduardo since middle school and I’ve always been miles behind him in terms of music taste. The guy knows it all.

Below you’ll find the mix along with tracklist!

Be sure to check out Eduardo’s interview I just posted today here! You’ll get to find out more about his backstory.

Thanks everyone! Hope you have a good week.

Follow Eduardo Lozano on SoundCloud for future music! And give him a follow here on Instagram, too.

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