The Quarter Life Crisis: Technology, Society & Openness

We always hear about the mid-life crisis, but never the quarter-life crisis… I mean you can’t reallyyyy compare the two, but that’s not the point. The point is here we are all suffering and there is an incredibly large disconnect with ourselves + our generation.

Let’s be honest, life’s complicated.’s like…. rEaL c O m P l I c A t E d



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How are we supposed to figure out which path to take in life? What kind of person you want to be and/or should be? (edit: my personal thoughts to these questions I asked can be found at the end of this piece)

We can blame technology, society (*will speak on society later in this blog*), nature, nurture, others,.. yet at the end of the day, it’s really up to us to make changes, be more proactive and imbue our lives with some sort of meaning and/or purpose so that we can “keep pushing it” as they say. Like I mentioned in Change & Awareness piece, humans are social creatures and as such, we require connection! Sure technology gives us an entity, if you will, to hide behind, but what it also does is give you this seemingly never-ending platform for connecting with people from… *drum rolls*

…yep, that just happened I’m sorry haha I felt like I had to lighten the mood before I continued to dive deeper into this topic. I’ve noticed comedy can always help bring me out of a bad mood.

Anyway okay so.. technology should be bringing us closer together not further apart. (Also btw, I am in no way saying I am this all-knowing guru… these are just trends I’ve noticed that I am also a part of). We need to be more open & honest with each other and also just bounce ideas off each other… and take it from there! I mean who knows what you’ll come up with. It’s kind of like when you had sleepovers when you were younger and you’d stay up all night and just talk about “life” and just other random, but cool stuff.

But let’s face it, each and every one of us (including myself) would rather save face and pretend our lives are “la-di-da” and “ooh-la-la” than admit we feel lost, disconnected and alone. Sometimes we post on social media, text our friends or use SnapChat to send these moments of our lives that are supposedly the best days of our lives… but are we truly allowing ourselves to soak in those moments and enjoy it to its fullest?



More than half of the time I snapped, posted a picture online, texted someone about something super fun I was doing I wasn’t allowing myself to be immersed in the experience. What I didn’t understand during that time was my intention behind these messages I was sending out. What I wanted was connection and to feel like I was doing okay. Instead, what I did was present myself in such a way that made it seem like I was having an awesome time (well okay, I was to an extent) and knew what I was doing. Honestly, it was just a cry for attention and I was in essence, lying to myself (BIG smh @ myself)

Now here’s the thing with society, it’s not that society is inherently corrupt or bad, but it is flawed. When people say things like “Oh, it’s society’s fault” or something along those lines.. what is the message they are sending? Let’s unpack this.

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  • Society functions like a living organism, it’s not a particular person, or secret group of people (I expect illuminati discussions to come)
  • So who makes up society? All of us
  • As such, the “problem” therein lies in the fact that the so-called “rules” that govern society during any given moment in time were established by a different society (basically the generation or generations before us)
  • Like any living organism, society absolutely needs to adapt because the people that make up society change and there’s always a new generation

Society HAS to change  otherwise, you create such a disconnect and ultimately cause confusion to individuals because the people that are in the society / alive are different than those who established the society before them.

And no, I’m not saying f**k the system let’s raise hell and embrace anarchy. Everyone needs structure, that’s where we thrive most. All I’m saying is society can be viewed as a living organism that has different constituents that serve a purpose and you need it.
Maybe if we take a step wayyy back and look at it through a different lens and connect with one another more we can come up with a way to make our lives that much easier.



We all need to improve, it’s been so damn hot lately and that’s literally humanity’s fault!
So how are we supposed to figure out which path to take in life? What kind of person you want to be and/or should be?
Honestly, you won’t know ’till you give it run. Simply put, it’s through trial & error. Don’t be afraid to take risks, learn from your experiences, understand that hardships will come, but ultimately pain leads to growth. 
Most importantly, embrace your individuality because you are perfect the way you are so use that negative energy as a catalyst for self-love and change to become a better you.
If you ever need to talk, just reach out to someone. Take care of yourself
Your friend,

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