Aries – The Horoscope 006: ReciKnows [DBC Campout Edition]

Hey everyone!

WOW this week went by fast, didn’t it? Time don’t slow down for no one even if you just got back from an epic festival. It’s been one week since Dirtybird Campout and a lot of us are still reeling in/recovering from all the debauchery.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people have been suffering from sleep paralysis & vivid dreams, don’t worry it’ll pass. It’s just a general lack of quality sleep (REM), or maybe that Space X launch wasn’t actually Space X and it was aliens taking over our minds.


I had one of the most incredibly inspiring and interesting experiences of my life at Campout and I will be publishing my review in the next week or so for all you birdies.

For this week’s episode of The Horoscope, I tried to recreate one of my sets at a renegade at Dirtybird Campout. It was my second time playing live and I was nervous as hell both times ha. Each time though, after some time, I just completely forgot where I was and all I could hear was the music and all I could see was the movements of people. I’d never actually experienced something quite like that, I mean… I had felt brief moments of it before while recording mixes or playing for friends at their house parties.


In those moments, I felt like I had started to understand the entire scope that is DJ’ing. You’re not just playing music and mixing well, but you’re creating an entire experience via your track selection and ability to read people.

Check out my mix below, if you listen closely you’ll see that there’s a story to it.

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