Why did I make this?




For as long as I can remember, I have relentlessly been searching for a way to not only feel some sort of fulfillment in my life through my actions, but also more importantly figure out a way to give back to those who have supported me and had my back.

How can I give back to the people who have shown me kindness? And how can I grow from there and make use of what I have learned from people?



At first, I wanted to do something in music… But that wasn’t enough. Besides, music isn’t the entirety of who I am. Then I thought of just tapping into Facebook and using my reach there, but Facebook in and of itself is limiting. You can only grow as much as Facebook allows you to (not that they actually limit growth, but for the sake of this thought process just go with me).



I want to create and establish something that is unrestricted and free.



So here we are, I guess I am sort of… becoming a blogger. No, actually, more like I am trying to become a platform that I can use to express myself. To essentially have that platform be a vessel for free, unhinged, collaborative engaging thoughts and discussions (and more!?). Whatever we want it to be.

I kind of want to be someone who has a voice in this world. I want to make a difference in the world whilst at the same time providing a platform for my friends and family to channel themselves through.



I know for a fact I don’t have all the answers and I know I’ll need help. I know I need each and every one of you that has believed in something like this.

No matter where this goes, I’m going to keep searching and I know this is only a stepping stone.

In the end…

This is for you & me.

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