Aries – The Horoscope 004: Gem City [Editor’s Edition]

Is it me or is this year just flying by? It’s already Monday again and Dirtybird Campout is less than two weeks away. Two episodes ago for our weekly mix series, The Horoscope, we brought you a set that was solely mixed by myself (ReciKnows). This week for our fourth episode, we are bringing you a set that is mixed only by Gem City.

He’s the interim editor of my website (when it’s convenient for him ha) and the other half of Aries: Corey Reith.

Corey Reith is more than just a friend to me, he’s become like a brother. I have so much respect for this guy and he’s the one who took me under his wing to learn how to mix. Without him this Aries duo project may not have ever seen the light of day.

Check out his mix below.


Find out more about Corey in an interview with the man himself here.

Both Corey and I are gearing up to play some day parties / renegades for this year’s DBC West Coast so stay tuned.


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Pictures are courtesy of Drew Pador aka OpenFire Photography.


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