Music is My Everything: Night Bass

Night Bass is one of the those labels that is always transcending music and truly paving their own path in this music industry. Part of what I enjoy about Night Bass is that they are not about the glory, the fame or the fortune, but rather they are just a collective of like-minded individuals that love nitty gritty bass heavy house music.

Before I started listening to house music a couple years ago, I was a huge subscriber of trap & dubstep. I had a number of friends who enjoyed house, but it was always a pale in comparison to the amount of friends that I had that enjoyed trap or dubstep. But that’s the thing, everyone always go with the masses in order to fit in. Night Bass though, they don’t follow any trends; they set trends.

One of my very first house shows was Night Bass’ Summer Phases tour featuring Night Bass boss AC Slater along with Motez, Landis Lapace, Sinden and hometown act 219 Boys



I was listening to Night Bass here and there the months leading up to this showcase because I had somehow come across AC Slater in a Soundcloud blackhole while searching Destructo tracks haha. What immediately drew me into Night Bass sound was that they were this beautiful eccentric blend of bass and house. How could I not love it? It was all the heaviness of a trap or dubstep track coupled with the grooviness of a house track.

2 years later here I am trying to perfect my craft as a DJ and to learn how to mix. I’ve been putting off mixing a purely Night Bass mix because of how near and dear the label is to me, but it’s time to get past that and go back to my house roots.

Below you’ll find my very first Night Bass artists only mix in a sunrise sermon fashion. Hope you enjoy!


P.S. The Sunrise Sermon series is an ode to Destructo and his sunrise sermons. I’ve always wanted to play a set somewhere just before sunrise and bring in the sun, hopefully this will happen sometime soon 😉

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