Featured Artist: Vissex

Isn’t it strange how certain things play out in life? Take this interview for example, I never would have come across Vissex had I not been in one of my Soundcloud blackholes perusing through Chris Lake sets.

I came across Vissex’s set (link here) and it was his name that first caught my attention. Overall, the set really showcases his talents as an artist, DJ and most of all an opener.

Probably one of my favorite sets I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. It’s one of those sets you hear and think to yourself “Damn, I really wish I was right there in the club for this.”


I had to find out more about this dude so I hit him up and here we are now with an interview with the man himself!

So Vissex, where are you from? What were you doing prior to music?

I’m from Honolulu, Hawai’i, still live here. Before music I was a barista in Waikiki.

And how did you decide on DJ/Mixing and/or Producing? Why?

As a kid I’ve always wanted to be in a punk band. It was difficult trying to get your friends involved since we’d just goof off and get distracted. One day my buddy says “have you ever heard of dubstep?” And I’m like “no what kind of music do they play?”. He ended up showing me Make Me by Skream and I was blown away. That night was spent googling “how to make dubstep” and downloading a trial of FL Studio.

How long have you been DJ/Mixing and/or Producing now?

I started producing sometime in 2012 during high school, and DJing came afterwards in 2013 when I was old enough to go to raves and actually see it all in action.


How’d you form your DJ name anyway?

I’ve had a bunch of stupid ass names honestly. One day my friend and I were going back and fourth and he suggested Vissex. It’s a play on my name (Vinny) and an homage to Skrillex. It was either that or Jackmaster3000. I’m happy with my decision.

What has been your most memorable experience so far? 

Botnek played my track “Bring That” on their radio show! I was in disbelief when my girlfriend was telling me this, I’ve been a botnek fan for years!

Any clubs or venues you have played that really stuck out to you? 

There’s this club in Hawaii called Electron I recently played a psytrance set at and the sound was incredible. I’ve played bigger clubs that didn’t sound as great as this place. Because of this the crowd went insane and it was definitely a night to remember.

What do you think is one of the most difficult aspects about being in this scene?

I hate how social media has completely taken over the industry. It’s near impossible to have a career without it, and it’s not something I’ve ever taken seriously. To me Instagram and twitter are detrimental to the mental health of our society, since now days it’s so easy to be influenced by people who don’t deserve that kind of power. It’s something I feel shameful for taking advantage of, and not something I have a huge interest in anyway so I try to stay off of it. 

Do you feel like nowadays you can’t experience the music the same as you did when you were just a listener?

Not necessarily, since I can remember I’ve always been interested in music and how everything’s made. Playing a guitar only made me listen to and admire guitarists even more, and the same goes for producing music. I find myself listening to a lot of pop songs I hated when I was a kid and just marveling at the production. We’re all sleeping on Backstreet Boys.

Do you have a favorite track or artist right now?

I’m really digging this French influenced bass house that’s taken over, people like lozz, koos, Jace Mek, BLANSH, and pretty much all of Confession. But I’m also extremely influenced by tech house, Kyle Watson just dropped an amazing album that I can’t stop listening to, Walker & Royce are pushing the sound to crazy limits, especially with their remix of Time. But if I have to choose one, I’d say my favorite track right now is John Tejada’s remix of “My Own Thang” by Walker & Royce. 

So, any other upcoming Artists and/or new Tracks we should know?

Roysun Records is doing a great job with finding underrated producers, they’ve been amazing to me and I’m sure it goes the same with all of their other artists. BLANSH is crazy underrated, so is Jace Mek. They make sounds so crazy it gives your ears herpes because of the flammage. Steve Darko will be a household house name in a couple years that’s for sure. 

Any mixes/tracks of yours we should check out? 

I’ve got a track releasing with Roysun Records on November 13th called “Back” that’s got this weird breakdown that’s completely left field. I have a few other releases with them as well, and a have a bunch of mixes on my soundcloud, either recorded live or a part of my mix series where I showcase the music I’m into at the moment

Do you have any cool shows or projects in the future?

I’ve got this Hawaiian House EP I’ve been sitting on for almost a year now that just don’t feel 100% comfortable releasing soon. I have a bass/halftime alter ego on SoundCloud named “A.VG” where I stretch the creative muscles that don’t ideally align with “Vissex”. Other than that I have this little rap group my brother, my girlfriend and I started, which constantly has features from our cat Champa. BVTANE VILLIANS represent.


Anything else you want to mention?

I just want to say for anyone looking for a creative profession, try not to be influenced by social media. Your efforts are too great to be graded on a like count scale. Do it not for yourself, but for the cultivation of progress within your industry. Be timeless, and always thrive. Thank you Chris for having me!

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