Mixed Mondays w/ Aries presents: Eduardo Lozano [Guest Mix]

Woo hoo! Monday is nearly over, but just before it is.. Corey and I aka “Aries” would like to present to you a guest mix today for our Mixed Mondays series.

Today, we have a longtime friend of mine Eduardo Lozano. Eduardo was kind enough to offer to do a mix for us for this week and it’s straight fire! I’ve known Eduardo since middle school and I’ve always been miles behind him in terms of music taste. The guy knows it all.

Below you’ll find the mix along with tracklist!

Be sure to check out Eduardo’s interview I just posted today here! You’ll get to find out more about his backstory.

Thanks everyone! Hope you have a good week.

Follow Eduardo Lozano on SoundCloud for future music! And give him a follow here on Instagram, too.

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Featured Artist: Eduardo Lozano

Hi everyone!

I have the pleasure of presenting to all of you one of my longest friends ever, Eduardo Lozano. We went to middle school together and it wasn’t until high school that we actually hung out. Our first time hanging out was EDC 2012 and it was such an experience. It was our first time going and oddly enough, the first time I was actually exposed to house music was his car on the way to EDC for Day 1. He’s always been “in the know” on new upcoming music and artists, too. I don’t often admit it, but his music taste for sure is better than mine haha.

Anyway let’s jump into this!

In general, what does music do for you? 

Music is a lot of things for me. One of the most important things though is that it’s a community. I’ve met some of the best people in my life through music. It’s also something I’ve devoted a lot of my time to. I’m constantly on the look out for new sounds, artists, and genres. My ultimate goal for myself within the music industry is to create some sort of platform to showcase artists and friends that I believe are doing amazing things to break down the current trends and formulas of sounds that are over-saturating the industry.

Where are you from? What were you doing prior to music? 

I’m from the SF Bay Area, grew up in Marin County, living in the East Bay now. I’ve been working in sales for the past few years and I’ve finally got the chance to start getting serious about a career in the music industry.

How’d you decide on DJ/Mixing and/or Producing? Why?

When I was younger I was always tuned in to Wild 94.9 and I remember being excited for J. Espinosa’s hour long mixes because he was so versatile, he was able to mix so many different genres, mashing up pop, hip-hop and dance music so effortlessly. He was definitely my biggest inspiration and it’s something I try to incorporate into my own mixes.

How long have you been DJ/Mixing and/or Producing?

I’ve been mixing since I was in highschool but I never really took mixing seriously until a few years ago. I’m a part of an online community with people around the country and one day we finally decided to have a big meet up before HARD Day of the Dead in 2014. We had met up at a friend’s house in LA, brought in some CDJ’s and it was my first time playing in front of a small crowd and it felt amazing.

Do you have an artist name?

Honestly have been trying to find one for years, but I’m so afraid of being stuck with something I’ll hate in a few years, kinda like a tattoo, so I just decided to go by my actual name. It’s something I’ll have to live with anyway. Someday I’ll figure out something better.

Tweet Eduardo to suggest a name!

What has been one of your favorite experiences thus far being in the music scene?

My most memorable experiences are honestly the small house parties we throw in LA with our online friends. Just playing tunes along with all my best friends, going b2b. Those are definitely my favorite moments. 

One of the most difficult things about being in this industry?

The reputation of drugs in the industry, honestly. I’m actually sober, minus a few drinks here and there but I hate that there’s this terrible stigma around dance music and DJ’s.

Do you feel like nowadays you can’t experience the music the same as you did when you were just a listener?

Absolutely not. I’m always studying sounds, track placement, etc. I’m so brutal when it comes to opinions on other big name DJ’s sets. I used to be at events all the time and I think I’ve become so jaded now to the tracks every single DJ throws in their set. I swear If I hear A$AP Ferg’s Work Remix in the club one more time I’m gonna shoot myself.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen at a show or festival?

Definitely not the weirdest but shout-out to the dudes the bring tiny finger hands and high five people. Y’all make my night.

Favorite Artist or Favorite Track at the moment?

This is a tough one. I’ve honestly haven’t been listening to much dance music lately, but SOPHIE, obviously, is doing amazing things right now. Her debut album just came out and it’s so different than anyone else in the scene right now. Favorite Track is probably ‘Whole New World’ by SOPHIE.

Any other upcoming Artists and/or new Tracks we should know of?

A couple of dudes who live in Salt Lake, some of you may know them as X&G. They’re very cool guys, versatile as hell. They make whatever the fuck they want, they give no fucks, and ALL their stuff is amazing. Check them out, hopefully they’ll get to play another show here in SF soon because I love hanging with them.



Any mixes/tracks of yours we should take a look at?

I just started posting on my Soundcloud again, and I’ll be posting more throughout the year. Trying to keep consistent with new mixes every few months. Different genres too, not just house.

What’s your favorite food?

Gotta be Indian food. One of my previous coworkers would bring me homemade food and I fell in love with it ever since. Give her a visit, she just opened a restaurant called Besharam in the Dog Patch.

Do you have any cool shows or projects in the future?

I want to get back into doing a mix show with visuals and different DJ’s every week, but we’ll see how that works out as it’s extremely time consuming to work on all the promo, graphics, and live-streaming by myself. 

If you could go to any club or venue in the world, which one would it be? Why?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Oh man, this is a tough one, I feel like a lot of people would say Berghain or something like that but honestly I’d wanna see that crazy crane thing where they throw all of the OWSLA Amsterdam Dance Event parties.

Thanks for reading everyone 😀

Follow Eduardo Lozano on SoundCloud for future music! And give him a follow here on Instagram, too.

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The Truth about “FunEmployment” & Existential Crises

It’s weird, it only dawned on me just this week that I have been working pretty much consistently since the age of 16 (so nearly a decade, whoa). I mean, granted I did take a gap year abroad in Paris, but I was still technically working. As an Au Pair, I still had the responsibility of taking care of children and having to be a pseudo-parent.

At the same time though, I had the liberty to do what I wanted whilst still being paid. Not only that, but I was in a different country and the world was truly my playground. I had no idea what I wanted to do after high school and my French teacher suggested I become an Au Pair. Since I’d already been working at a daycare it seemed totally doable and the next thing I knew during the summer of 2011 I was flying off to Paris.



Anyway why am I talking about being an Au Pair in 2011? So I’ve spent the last  month or so “FunEmployed” and while it’s been a pretty difficult time in terms of career prospects… I’ve also never felt this free & alive since that time I went off to Paris. Although, there are some days where I wake up and ask myself, “Wtf am I doing with my life?” and spend a good chunk of the day feeling depressed/sorry for myself, but overall I think I’m actually happier as a whole.

In essence, the concept behind “FunEmployment” is the same as a “Gap Year”. How many of you actually took the time to give yourself room to breathe after graduating high school? We all need breaks. Now obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone, but a lot of the world is questioning the direction of their career, relationships, and overall meaning in life—don’t worry it’s called a quarter-life crisis and it’s normal.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now, I don’t want anyone to think my job was bad per se, I was a nanny and restaurant manager previously. As far as nannying is concerned, I truly do love it. I love taking care of kids, they are so innocent, honest and curious. The world hasn’t yet deprived them of their inherent joy of everything around them. I think the reason I wasn’t happy was because I never really stopped again (since Paris) to think about where my life was headed. I worked, went out, went to school, maybe took a trip somewhere for a festival or somewhere else… but more or less, this was my schedule that repeated itself. Maybe I can toss in there that I was working out too and had other hobbies, but that’s beside the point. When you’re in this cycle you don’t really take the time to stop and take a look at the bigger picture.

One of the points I am trying to make is that despite your distinguished degree, you still find yourself despondent on the daily with the thought of having to go work, go to school, etc, or maybe you did land that dream job of yours, but discover that it’s strangling your creativity. You’ve just spent the last four years in college or past few years working this job, but now what? What the hell are you even doing?

Simply put, a quarter-life/existential crisis is a time of intense soul searching and stress. Typically, we feel this way for a number of reasons some of which include  feeling that we aren’t achieving our fullest potential or are “falling behind”. So many of us are unhappy in our career/job/life choices and it really wears on us. We lose sleep, our diet suffers, we’re upset and we feel stuck. Take the time to take a step back and reassess your life.

All of us are unique, highly driven, intellectual individuals and the takeaway for those of you reading this is that you need to take control of your life. Do something for yourself, seek out your friends for companionship, don’t let your degree/career define and tell yourself this is all normal – because it is! It’s also super important to have someone who you can be completely honest with and just open up to. So seeking out and talking to those close to you is key to feeling better.

There’s this lock bridge (well, a few) in Paris right above La Seine that has a plethora of locks on it from people leaving little tokens of themselves there. When I was in Paris, I always used to think about how every lock represented something so much more than the love notes on them. To me, they were a representation of the struggle of values. There’s so many different roles we can assume in life, just like there are so many locks we can choose to look at/potentially unlock. “Am I a nurse? Am I an entrepreneur? Oh, but wait, I also want to become an artist. Who am I?”

I know that I want to become a nurse practitioner, but until then I’d like to explore the different avenues that are possible for me. Such as, this very blog that you are reading right now. That’s why my blog will realistically probably not be centered around just music because I also am super into writing streams of consciousness like this that can potentially be beneficial towards someone. As well as art, fashion and health.

If you’re unhappy or questioning the nature of your reality, make a change.


Oh and last thing, whether or not you’re still in school, working a 9-5 job, working late nights at a restaurant, or doing who knows what we’re all in this together. This isn’t a competition, this is real life. Stop comparing yourself to others and basing your own progress in life off of others. Everyone has their own path in life, own it. Run it. Do you

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Mixed Mondays w/ Aries [PREMIERE]

Happy Monday everyone!

First off, I would really like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read what I write and to those of you that have given me insight/advice. The response I have gotten lately is amazing and I’m so lucky and happy to have this platform I created where I can channel my creative energy.


I’ve locked in some of my favorite artists for interviews and honestly, I’m unbelievably stoked! I can’t really tell you who they are but just know that these artists are people I really look up to and I can’t wait to find out more about them and share that with you! These past few weeks for me have been some of the most trying times but at the same time it has really opened my eyes! I’m beginning to realize I can actually do this if I set my mind to it and continue with my vision.

That being said, I want to do this right and I will need help from others for sure haha. I also need to tend to my personal life and focus on acquiring a job since I’ve been “funemployed” the last month. This is the longest time I’ve gone without work since I was 16, so I feel really weird and need to really zero in and nail down these marketing, admin and restaurant manager interviews I have coming up.

So, I’m gonna take a break for at least a week or so, maybe I’ll post a thing or two… but I also want to give you guys room to breathe. I hate feeling like I’m spamming, which in a sense I am haha. So I’d like to just chill out…

Thank you to all those that came to check out Tim Baresko (check out the interview I did with him via the link!), Ney x Miss Mak and Wei over the weekend at Halcyon. It was such a good set and an awesome night.





This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alright SO… today I’m happy to announce the beginning of a new project I am doing with one of my best friends, Corey Reith! He’s been helping me learn how to DJ the last few weeks.





Here’s the link for my first ever recorded mix < https://soundcloud.com/christianreciknows/the-essence-of-house-v1-1 > it was the first time I ever DJ’d for this long so I am choosing to release this as is with mistakes and all!

Corey and I have been hanging out a lot lately and eventually we concocted this idea to do this new project together. I mean c’mon, who wouldn’t want to collaborate on a project with their best friend? This is what we love and it’s such an awesome experience being able to start this from the ground up.

Every Monday we will release a 20-25 minute mix featuring tracks that we would like to show you! Here’s what we came up with for our first premiere out of the blue. Overall, I really enjoyed what we ended up with despite the one 128 kbps track we put in there, but we really wanted to show you that track haha!

Please give us your constructive criticism!

I’ve found a few transition issues, but hey mistakes help you grow! At least you can tell we were trying haha.

We are going to continue to practice and work towards throwing some dope sets down for you guys! We’d like to do this live for you too. Maybe say, Dolores Park? The beach? After parties? We hope to get good enough by DirtyBird Campout so we can play some renegades ;).

We told a story through the tracks we put in this mix via their lyrics or track titles, see if you can figure it out!

Stay tuned for more from our project called “Aries“!


It has been SUCH a pleasure being able to pursue my passions in life and I truly couldn’t have done this without the support from all of you.

Feel free to contact me in the future for any work you’d like to do with me! Simply contact me at contact@christianrecinos.com to discuss things.

Thank you so much and I hope all of you are doing well!

Christian Recinos

Featured Artist: Tim Baresko [Exclusive Interiew]


Tim Baresko is the epitome of tech house. He is an up and coming artist that is definitely underrated. He has quickly been climbing the ranks in the tech/house scene. The guy is an absolute weapon and is a rare act to see. It’s going to be his very first time in San Francisco at the beautiful and enticing all-female run club, Halcyon

He played on Groove Cruise this past year amongst his fellow Frenchman Shiba San. Most recently he has been announced as part of the lineup for Destructo’s new ship experience, beautifully called “Friendship”. Tim joins other artists: Doorly, Shiba San, Motez, Phlegmatic Dogs, Nora en Pure, Golf Clap, Anna Lunoe, J.Worre and legend Giorgio Mordoer, + many more what’s set to be the best ship experience to date.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tim Baresko’s tech house prowess will surely make for another unforgettable night at Halcyon. With support from artists like Shiba San, Claude Von Stroke, Sonny Fodera, Tim Baresko has been carving out his own path in the house/tech music scene. His collaboration EP titled “The Connection” with Shiba San is still something I constantly play out on a day-to-day basis.

Check out his other tracks too! I am actually currently listening to “Another” by Tim Baresko & Clyde P

Tim, first of all, thank you for allowing me to interview you and for taking the time to do this for all of us! 

In general, what does music do for you?

Music makes me feel in a good mood, it helps to escape from everything, It gives you emotions. That’s what I’m trying to do when I produce.

Where are you from?

I’m from Lille, north of France


(Congratulations to France on winning the World Cup 2018!)

How’d you decide on DJ/Mixing and/or Producing? Why?

The resident DJ of the club I used to go when I was younger made me want to be DJ. This guy had a ridiculous amount of skill, playing 3 vinyl’s at the same time. I watched him play for hours, then after a few years of DJ’ing, I wanted to make my own tracks. I wanted to create something, put my touch.. 

How long have you been DJ/Mixing and/or Producing?

I would probably say about nine years of DJ’ing and five years producing.

How did you come up with your artist name?

I went to a music school in Paris, and we had to find an artist name, which is actually difficult. It seemed easy but I wasn’t at all. I couldn’t find anything I liked, but then one day I was watching a documentary with a friend about Pablo Escobar and suddenly my friend sait to me, “Baresko”. Of course, I responded saying “Whaaat??”. He kept going on about how Baresko sounded so cool and boom that was it haha

What has been your most memorable experience so far?

 Probably Tribe Festival in Brazil. A big stage with more than 10K people at the sunrise. The energy was surreal, one of my favorite set ever.

Any clubs, venues, or festivals you have played that really stuck out to you?

Ministry of Sound in London, legendary club and probably one of the best sound system in the world. Also when we had the residency at Sankeys Ibiza with CUFF, the ibiza vibe was utteraly and completely unreal…


One of the most difficult aspects about being in this scene?

The most difficult thing for me is the eternal questioning about your overall production. It’s not easy to be really objective with your own work. The most frustrating thing is having wait before the release of your track, sometimes it can take a year..

This is something I have been asking lots of artist lately, but do you feel like nowadays you can’t experience the music the same as you did when you were just a listener?

Yeah pretty much.. I mean, for example, sometimes I am chilling listening to music with some friends (who are not into music all that much) and I say some thing like “Wo,  the kick bass relation is perfect on this one” and of course my friends don’t understand and say I’m not normal. Or when I’m in studio making beats, sometimes they say im kind of autistic lol.

Perhaps what they mean to say is Tim’s a wizard ha!

Favorite Artist or Favorite Track right now?

 I would say Camelphat, these guys are incredible. They’re able to produce super underground tracks and more accessible stuff. Their overall sound design is incredible.

Any other upcoming Artists and/or new Tracks we should know?

Lucati, a producer from California, you will hear about him soon, this guy makes only bangers and has a special touch. I love to play his productions! His next EP is coming on Basement Leak later this month 😉

Any mixes/tracks of yours we should check out?

My new track with Clyde P and the amazing voice of Jinadu just came out on Sonny Fodera’s Label, he also did an Edit : Check It 🙂

Tim Baresko’s newest track with Clyde P called “Wanna Know” is actually superrrr smooth. The track lends itself to a groovy after hours setting (perfect for Halcyon’s dusk till dawn mission)

You’re coming to play Halcyon on Friday, July 20! First time in San Francisco, right? What can we expect to hear from you?

Yeah, I cannot wait for Halcyon, some of friends told me this venue is incredible, you can expect some bumpin’ beats from deep house to techno, I love to mix the genres.. I can’t wait to see San Francisco as well!

What’s your favorite food?

I’m a food addict. I love everything 😍🙈

Tweet Tim Baresko to let him know what your favorite food is!

Anything else you want to say Tim?

This American tour has been incredible, you American know how to party! I met a lot of amazing people and I can’t wait to come back in August for some gigs with Shiba San!

Once again, thank you Tim for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to me! I really do appreciate you.

Okay everybody, so the stage has been set for this Friday at Halcyon. I’m going to be there, will you?

Did I mention the ladies #pinkezup Ney x Miss Mak are doing a takeover to set the mood for this incredible night?

Buy tickets here! RSVP for the event on Facebook too! There’s a free guest list before 11pm.

Be sure to follow Tim Baresko on Facebook and IG

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Tim Baresko at Halcyon + #pinkezup Takeover – July 20

Hey everyone!

So as requested by some of you, I am going to begin implementing an “events” section under the category of music along with a calendar that people can access to see local events around the city. I will try my best to post a little synopsis of the event :D.

To start things off, I would like to bring attention to Tim Baresko’s debut SF show this upcoming Friday at my favorite club, Halcyon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For those of you who don’t know, Tim Baresko has been quietly slaying clubs left and right. He’s on tour right now traveling around the globe 🌏, treating fans to some really unique sets.

To warm us all up and get us moving, we have Wei taking the decks for the first time at Halcyon followed by the lovely ladies Ney x Miss Mak of pinkezup to get us groovin’

It’s honestly going to be a killer night packed with awesome music and great vibes that you won’t want to miss

Check out Tim Baresko’s SoundCloud to see what could be in store for this Friday!

Luckily for us, Halcyon is dusk till dawn 😉

Oh yeah, the first 20 people who show their pinkies will get one of the exclusive #pinkezup pins!

Buy tickets here!

RSVP on Facebook too! There’s a free guest list before 11pm.

Make sure to follow pinkezup to stay informed on their next takeover

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Featured Artist: Wei

Tonight’s Featured Artist is probably one of the most modest and kind-hearted individuals I’ve come across that DJ’s, too. I’m sure a lot of you have gotten Weivy with him (no pun intended). He goes by the name Wei his real name being Wei-Sean. Meeting Wei-Sean happened over a series of run-in’s at clubs and events. Eventually, I think we got to that point where you see someone so often you might as well strike up a conversations. Been homies ever since..

Pinkezup Weivy.pngIn your own words, can you describe how you feel about music?

Music has always been a way to express myself. To connect everyone into that particular feeling you’re trying to achieve during that moment of a song or the journey through a set. Its a nostalgic feeling to revert back into our primitive nature of chanting and dancing around the fire pits.

Who are you? What do you do? Where are you from? 

I was born in China but am originally from Los Angeles and grew up in parts of Malaysia, Florida, Philippines, Texas, and Arkansas. I grew up in all of those places for a minimum of 3-4 years each. Currently I’ve been in the bay for almost 4 years. I used to be an Aircraft Mechanic in the US Air Force, competed & coached in MMA & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, played in metal/post-hard core bands in the Philippines, and currently work as an Analyst at Facebook. I also have an Etsy for my “DirtyHeart” design!

DH Flip

How’d you decide on DJ/Mixing and/or Producing? Why?

Music was always a detrimental part of my life, an escape of reality, a way to express myself. I used to have a heavy influence of Metal/Post-Hard Core music when I was still doing the band stuff in the Philippines, but that was easily 10 years ago. After getting out of the military in 2014 and moving back to Los Angeles, I was immediately sucked back into the music scene. Shortly after moving to the bay, everything just grew from then!


How long have you been DJ/Mixing and/or Producing?

Surprisingly, I began learning how to DJ at the very beginning of 2017 and later on that year I played at my first underground afterhours. I know I had to play catch-up with all the amazing Producers in the scene, thus I started to dive into producing at the beginning of this year.

How’d you form your moniker? 

I play off my name more than I should, Weivy, WeiKreative, Digital AirWeivs, etc. So branding “Wei” was easily a no-brainer. Wei to leave a legacy lol.

One of the most difficult aspects about doing this scene?

As you can tell by now, I’m still pretty fresh in the scene. I’ve been blessed to have the network I have and to be booked at the places that I have been. I can definitely tell you we don’t do it all for the money. Currently trying to juggle my “9 to 5” on top of DJ’ing and keeping up on fresh tracks, supporting the homies (because that how we roll), and working on production, my most difficult aspect has been trying to set times for certain priorities. You still have to take care of yourself..

Do you feel like nowadays you can’t experience the music the same as you did when you were just a listener? 

My music taste has changed and evolved significantly but I still enjoy music to its fullest. Yes, the producing aspect does favors more attention to every single instruments arrangement being played, but I’ve always been hearing sounds inside my head.

Favorite Artist or Favorite Track right now? (Or one of your favorite artists? Serves as a way to connect the artist w/audience by showing what they are into)

As of right now I have to give it up to Chris Lake. The amount of material he has being released that are all A+ bangers is just insane. Theres so much you can learn by breaking down and dissecting its musical components.

Any other upcoming Artists and/or new Tracks we should know? 

San Francisco’s House & Techno community has been a huge influence in my evolving taste in music, so definitely keep an eye on that. I know a lot of local collectives are making big things happen this year.
#pinkezup, Admit One Records, Pizza & Techno, just to name a few…

Any mixes/tracks of your we should check out? 

Posted a recent mix on Soundcloud for the recent celebration of Independence Day


Do you have any cool shows or prospects in the future?

This Friday July 20th I will be playing at Halcyon for the first time. Supporting for Tim Baresko show and opening up for the ladies of #pinkezup, Ney X Miss Mak. And then next week Saturday July 28th we are having a burning man fundraiser for our Mudskippers camp at the Cafe in the Castro. As far as bigger events, West Coast Campout with the #pinkezup crew, but if you’d like to keep up, follow me on Facebook or check out my website

How do you know Ney x Miss Mak?

Ever since I moved to the bay at the end of 2014, I was immediately sucked into the EDM community. It was back then when Renee used to DJ with Joe Famularo as “Animal Control”, I knew of her as I was working with the “EDMSF” collective. We all knew each other through mutual DJ/music friends so eventually when House & Techno came into my life, our groups of friends evolved. Pinkezup became a big part of the community that helped me in my growth.

pinkezup logo cmyk 2018

What can we expect from you this Friday when you open for Ney x Miss Mak + Tim Baresko?


This is definitely my biggest show yet and we will be bringing the heat. I have been a huge fan of Tim Baresko and his underground house/tech house – DirtyBird/DesertHeart vibes that he has in his productions. This night will be one to remember. And to be able to open with Ney X Miss Mak means even more.

How are you feeling going into this?

Extremely excited and ready for the night’s shenanigans!

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